Ashburn Farm 10k Race Report

My first attempt at a race report. This was a relatively minor race so will use this as a learning experience.
I signed up a week prior for a Thanksgiving Day race in Ashburn, VA aptly named Ashburn Farm 10k/5k. This was actually my first ever 10k race which is fun since anytime I finish in actually becomes my PR.

Did not do much specific race “prep” for this particular race. I did run a relatively short long run the Saturday prior of 7 miles at about a 9 min pace (slightly faster than my typical long run pace).

I had my typical pre-race meal: bagel with peanut butter, cup of coffee, and 2 cups of water. It was COLD that morning (~25 degrees) and I wore for the first time Running Tights.  I bought Sugoi MidZero Tights as recommended by DC Rainmaker and I will admit that they were perfect. Fit was great and they kept my legs very warm. I was at my parents house for thanksgiving and I forgot my running gloves which I thought wouldnt be a big deal (MISTAKE!). Anyways hopped into the car with the family (sisters and mom were running 5k).

ashburnfarm 10k

Me with my mom and sisters prior to race

The starting line was well organized and there was only 1 wave for the 10k (~800 runners). We started a bit late (8:18am vs 8:15am planned) but otherwise we were off. Course was very flat and generally straight with a couple of switch backs. Switch backs are a bit demoralizing to me for a couple reasons…1. you see the runners WAY faster than you as they come back¬† 2. Once you see runners coming back after a switchback my mind tends to anticipate the turnaround point even if I cant see it. This inevitably leads me to the “am I there yet” poor mental state which is demoralizing when running any distance. Not having my running gloves came back to haunt me as my hands were FREEZING! There was a bit of a wind at time which made breathing tough with the cold air but otherwise I was comfortable in my running tights and 2 long sleeve technical t-shirts plus running skull cap.

I successfully finished! I had set a goal of under 50 mins which I achieved by 10 seconds. Official time: 00:49:50 which comes to right around 8 min miles. Not too shabby for me. I probably could have pushed it a bit more but being my first 10k I pretty much ran steady state for first 5 miles and then cranked it up the last 1.2 miles.

1 Mile – 7:57
2 Mile – 8:16
3 Mile – 8:12
4 Mile – 8:04
5 Mile – 8:13
6 Mile – 7:25
Last 0.2 Mile – 6:51 pace

So a pretty clear steady-state miles 1-5 with a ramp up during mile 6 through finish.

Post Race:Overall I was very happy with my first 10k performance. Obviously I have a ton of room to improve which is part of the fun with running. I think getting my steady state to under 8 min/mile with a slightly faster Mile 1 and Mile 6 would easily knock a couple minutes off my time. I think a sub 48 min 10k is not far off in my future.