Weekend Bag Review

I do a fair amount of short informal trips. Between family and friends in different states I have a need for a solid weekend bag for 3-5 days of traveling. I have found that bag in the Hudson Sutler Weekender Duffel Bag.

Color I have but website has many color variations

Color I have but website has many color variations

Zippered Side Pocket View

Zippered Side Pocket View

Not only does it look incredibly attractive IMO. It has a ton of great features. The zipper is extremely sturdy and smooth (I have routinely overpacked this bag). It has a side grab handle which is perfect for grabbing out of the car or an airplane’s overhead bin. It also has a side outside zippered pocket which is great to store headphones, a snack, keys, airplane ticket, etc. The interior has a small zippered pocket as well but otherwise it is one huge compartment. The size is key for me — it easily holds enough clothes for up to a 5 day trip. Lastly it’s made in America if you care about that sort of thing (I dont in particular).

I travel frequently so future posts will include my other travel tips for gear.

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